people die of cancer every year in North America.
That is one person every minute of every day.

We are changing this by

democratizing precision medicine.

An integrated platform for the full
molecular diagnostics lifecycle.

Through genomic analysis of sequencing data and identification and annotation of genetic variants with relevant biological and clinical knowledge, our automated pipeline produces a list of prioritized and clinically significant variants ready for review by clinicians. Our powerful yet intuitive dashboard allows clinicians to easily collaborate when analyzing and interrogating the report of the exact molecular pathology of their patient.

A wide range of genomic analyses.

Our system is designed to be flexible and modular, with automated pipelines available for identifying variants, fusions, gene expression profiles, as well as comparative and longitudinal analyses, from WGS, WES, and transcriptome sequencing.

With an integrated knowledge base of
clinical insights into molecular variations.

With close to a billion genetic variants identified in the human genome, enabling physicians to focus their attention on those relevant to their patient is traditionally time consuming and very difficult. We overcome this challenge using a seamlessly integrated, dynamic knowledge base that allows experts to identify, author, and share clinical insights into each genetic variation. The knowledge base is powered by our big data, AI, and intuitive software to visualize the information.

Puts experts at the center in an automated workflow powered by AI .

Although huge amounts of genetic data have already been generated from sequencing the DNA of cancer patients, the millions of genetic differences between each patient means that only sophisticated computational approaches can make the connections relevant to the disease. To help physicians cope with this avalanche of data, we have developed a human-computer interface that enables clinical experts to easily visualize and analyze large amounts of complex biological data produced by our AI-powered analysis pipeline.

For distributed teams of clinicians.

We are a distributed team and know what it takes to build technology for distributed workflows. Our virtual tumour board enables distributed teams to seamlessly take part in the full molecular diagnostics lifecycle.

Designed for clinical and research user needs.

Flexible and customizable pipelines spanning the requirements for clinical diagnostic labs, the discovery needs of researchers, while enabling commercial clients to plan precision medicine based clinical trials without compromising patient privacy.